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Training sessions are held at the Citrus College gymnasium.  Citrus College,  is located in Glendora in the foothills of the San Gabriel mountains, approximately twenty-five miles northeast of metropolitan Los Angeles. The college has the distinction of being the oldest community college in L.A. County and the fifth oldest in the state.

Basketball Fundamentals Training
Coaches today often don't have the time or the experience to teach the fundamentals.  Players, whether they are just beginning or are already showing signs of talent can benefit from ELITE TRAINING.  This hour long workout includes
   1)  Dramatically improve your shooting precentage
   2)  Learn how to "Create your own shot"
   3)  Ball handling, with and without pressure
   4)  Changing speeds and direction
   5)  Become mentally tough and determined
   6)  Workout develops movement skills, lateral quickness,  
        jumping ability, speed and explosiveness
Locations: Citrus College and others TBA
     $40   -  1 session
     $160 -  5 sessions
     $360 -  10 sessions
Phone:  323-481-4733

Elite Training Distance Workout Program


Designed for players striving to improve their mental and physical skills but do not live in the Southern California area. 


The athlete will receive telephone coaching sessions and a detailed weekly skills development workout.  These sessions are designed to develop and sustain the mindset needed to become a focused athlete.  This program will motivate, make you disciplined and help you understand and accept accountability.  This service also includes analyzing the athlete’s game tapes.   


For more information on the Elite Training Distance Workout Program please call 323-481-4733 or email us at elitebballtraining@yahoo.com 



ELITE S.A.Q. stands for speed, agility and quickness.  The purpose of speed, agility and quickness training is to prepare an athlete to react to the ever changing conditions of competition by enhancing proprioception, explosiveness, strength, aerobic capacity and lateral movement while simultaneously assisting in physical fitness goals.  The ELITE S.A.Q. Training program utilizes many different training techniques to simulate the playing conditions which an athlete must perform.


$40 per session.  ELITE S.A.Q. is a program that runs for a 6 week period 3 times a week


Location:  Citrus College and others TBA

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Phone:  323-481-4733

Email:  eliteathletic@yahoo.com

Email:  elitebballtraining@yahoo.com