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To become a better basketball player you must dedicate the time and effort to do the things that will help you improve.  The extra time you spend in the gym  will help you attain the goals that you are aiming for.  Whether it is making varsity, landing a college scholarship or playing professionally,  ELITE TRAINING is for you. 
Athleticism can make you a competitive player, but being fundamentally sound will make you a complete player.  It is important to evaluate your skill level and determine what goal you want to achieve as a player.  Since everyone's goals are different, our personal training sessions are designed to give each player the individual attention needed to improve their basketball ability and take their game to the next skill level. 
Sessions focus on identifying weaknesses and developing strategies and drills.  Each workout will focus on punishing weaknesses while strengthening existing abilities in order to meet individual goals.  Sessions are intense and the player is pushed hard to accomplish their goal of improving their skill level. 
In the following pages you will find useful information about Coach H and ELITE TRAINING.  For questions or to register for a session, please call  323-481-4733 or email us at elitebballtraining@yahoo.com.
Hernando Planells
Coach H

About Coach "H"

On April 5, 2005 Hernando Planells Jr. was named the first Vice President of Basketball Operations/Head Coach in Wyoming Golden Eagle history.  At 28 years old he is the youngest professional basketball coach in the country...


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Coaches today often don't have the time or the experience to teach the fundamentals.  Players, whether they are just beginning or are already showing signs of talent can benefit from ELITE TRAINING.
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